White Western (2017)
in collaboration with Guillermo Menéndez

In White Western the concepts of ambiguity and symbolism become an image to reflect upon their role in documentary works. On many occasions, the narrative capacity of images is conditioned by their capacity to interpellate, as well as to ensure that a sum of questions form an answer. This project offers no conclusion beyond the imaginary of which it is composed, but it uses different decontextualised stories to study the collision that is generated between images separated from their logical order.

A study of the French city of Bordeaux’s landscape, the reconstruction of family stories from the subjects who starred in them, archive images, images retrieved from an old mobile phone, and a documentary project about apartments occupied by young students in the city of Bilbao, all conform the basis for the revision of the collective imaginary of artists Gómez Selva and Guillermo Menéndez.

The contrast of identities and contexts, alongside the aesthetic exchange that takes place between the different bodies of work, allows us to generate in the book an almost random but reflective narrative, making the intrinsic testimonies in the images rival with the synthesis that their individualisation supposes.