II Photographic Creation Encounter of Andalucía
Gómez Selva has been selected to be part of the II Photographic Creation Encounter of Andalucía, which will take place in Rodalquilar, Almería, from the 12th to the 15th of December 2018, both days included. The Murcia born photographer will take part in the event with his series Latitude 37.8377 / Longitude -0.935608 (Hells), contributing his point of view on the conflicts generated in the mediterranean environment.

OpenStudios at Tabakalera - International Contemporary Culture Centre, Donosti
The artists Gómez Selva and Natalia Suárez will show the material produced during their 2-month residency at the centre, on November 23. Open to the public from 4 to 9 pm approximately.

New book "No mires al sol" available! In collaboration with the independent publisher NO-PLATA
No mires al sol is a project about family memory and memory reconstruction through photographic albums and their reinterpretation. The recovery of images located between 1967 and 2000 lead Gómez Selva to reflect on the concepts of memory and melancholy, starting with his own family imagination as working material. The visualisation of these images trapped in time is related to a kind of "blindness"; evoking past moments that the artist does not remember exactly, and that produce a similar sensation to that when staring at the Sun, to being dazzled, to being blinded by his own photographic memory. Available at No-Plata.

Conference at Gazte Klik: Spaces, objects, and people I don't care about. December 20, 2018
The visual artist Gómez Selva will explain his work method in this intervention, reflecting on the role of photography in his career and the importance of contemporary documentary codes in his approach to each project. He will briefly expand on some of its most relevant projects such as "Moisés" (2015) and "Sativa" (2016), to make way for more recent works such as "No mires al sol" (2018) and "Plastic car on a pallet" (2018 - in progress). Finally, he will assess the importance of the social dimension in his work as well as question the use of the image itself to address concepts such as privacy and private space.

"Digital identity according to my father" becomes part of the publication fund of several national and international art centres
1. Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M. Museum of contemporary art, centre of culture and contemporary thought (Móstoles, Madrid), 2. Centre of Documentation and Advanced Studies of Contemporary Art, CENDEAC, of the Region of Murcia, and 3. Tabakalera - International Contemporary Culture Centre (Donosti).