Tora, Tora, Tora!

Text by Mikel Onandia Garate
First published in ERTIBIL BIZKAIA, catalogue by Bizkaia Provincial Council, Bilbao, May, 2019

A possible conventional and prototypical photographic composition of Santa Clara Island from La Concha Beach becomes, by covering and uncovering the frame sequentially with a piece of motorcycle indicator as an obstacle, a reason to perform from a foreign perspective different visual games around the image and landscape of San Sebastian.

The mobile iron screen allows the artist to, on the one hand, divide and structure the two original images in a total of four photographs, and on the other hand, to give them a certain three-dimensionality and a place in space, forcing the viewer to surround it and thus giving the pieces certain installation characteristics that become the starting point of a new project of greater dimensions.