Text by Mikel Onandia Garate
First published in ERTIBIL BIZKAIA, catalogue by Bizkaia Provincial Council, Bilbao, August, 2020

Arras, which is part of the Tora Tora Tora developed around the idea of territory and its subjective portrayal, refers to the artist’s links with his origins. Bronze objects belonging to his mother’s home in Murcia, to which he expresses a sentimental attachment, are related to aspects of his study to establish his present identity, at a crossroads between emotional, time and geographical distance.

The photo compositions are clearly pictorial due to the juxtapositions of images and perspectives, play of light and silhouettes, forced glimpses and a flat solution despite their many metaphorical and visual strata, as neo-Baroque still lifes close to a kitsch imaginary. Common themes, such as the gilt of the metallic pieces which is likewise propagated by the fames, or birds as symbols of movement between one and another world, stand out. The presence of a camera acts as a metadiscursive sign around the photographic medium itself and its portrayal possibilities.