Gómez Selva (Murcia, 1994) is an artist based in Bilbao, Spain. His work explores the codes of visual narration in documentary photography and the interrelationships between people and the spaces they inhabit. His work is usually presented in the form of self-published photography books and installations. He has been selected for various national and international calls such as Panorama (CENDEAC, Murcia), Revolv Collective (London), and Ertibil-Bizkaia (Bilbao). In 2018 he participated in the Tabakalera (International Center for Contemporary Culture) residency programme with artist Natalia Suárez. His work is situated between photography and the essay, although he also explores the audiovisual and publishing world.

2017 - 2018 Masters degree in Author Photography, CFC (Center of Contemporary Photography), Bilbao
2015 - 2016 SICUE - Bachellor in Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Basque Country
2012 - 2015 Bachellor in Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Murcia
2010 - 2012 Baccalaureate in Plastic Arts, I.E.S. Ruiz de Alda, Murcia

2019 Selected - ERTIBIL BIZKAIA Visual Arts travelling exhibit, Bizkaia Provincial Council
2018 Runner up - FotoArte Photography Competition, Victoria-Gasteiz
2018 Shortlisted artist at One Year Open Call - Revolv Collective, UK
2018 PANORAMA - Center of Documentation and Advanced Studies in Contemporary Art (CENDEAC), Murcia
2016 First prize - Leioa Photography Competition, Vizcaya
2016 Prize for end of degree dissertation project, awarded by the University of Murcia
2015 Finalist, CreaMurcia Photography Prize, LAB “Young Art Laboratory”, Murcia
2015 Finalist, XV Photography Prize - University of Murcia
2015 Acknowledgement of Academic Excellence, by the San Pedro del Pinatar Council, Murcia
2014 Acknowledgement of Academic Excellence, by the San Pedro del Pinatar Council, Murcia
2012 Honour Prize for Baccalaureate in Plastic Arts, I.E.S. Ruiz de Alda, Murcia

2018 TABAKALERA - International Contemporary Culture Center, Donosti
2018 Narratives, Research & Platforms, with Laia Abril - CFC Bilbao
2018 Contemporany Documentalism, with Paco Gómez - CFC Bilbao
2017 All-terrain photographer, with Gianfranco Tripodo - CFC Bilbao

_Selected exhibitions
2019 ERTIBIL BIZKAIA Visual Arts travelling exhibit, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao
2018 IV Mostra Art Emergent Sabadell, Acadèmia de Belles Arts, Sabadell, Barcelona
2018 “No mires al sol”, individual exhibition in Hemen Studio, Bilbao
2018 “Jardines y perros”, exhibition with María Hernández, La Matriz Studio, Bilbao
2018 FotoArte, itinerant collective exhibition, Victoria-Gasteiz
2017 “27 Atmospheres”, exhibition with Pablo Abril, Sarean, Bilbao
2017 “Questioning Pleasure”, collective exhibition in LAB 448, Madrid
2016 “ORO”, individual exhibition in Baratza Aretoa, Victoria Gasteiz
2016 GetxoArte - Contempory Practice Room, Getxo, Vizcaya
2015 CreaMurcia 2015 Photography, LAB “Young Art Laboratory”, Murcia
2015 XV Photography Prize - University of Murcia, Espinardo, Murcia
2015 “Accidental environments”, AliBaBa Photo Festival, Monteagudo, Murcia
2015 “Centenary Portraits”, La Merced Campus, University of Murcia
2014 “Get closer to the clack of the other reality”, Pabellón 2, Artillery Barracks, Murcia
2014 “Locus”, individual exhibition (curated by Verónica Cámara), Espacio154, Murcia
2014 “Curio cabinet”, collective exhibition in Espacio UNO & DOS, University of Murcia
2014 “Descontextualisation of the classic figure”, collective exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Murcia

_Selected conferences
2019 “Barracks lights and how to face a composition”, Hemen Studio, Bilbao
2018 “Singular Routes” with Helena Goñi, BAFFEST, Barakaldo
2018 PANORAMA with Gustavo Alemán and Fátima Ruiz, CENDEAC, Murcia
2018 “Image, direction, existence”, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Murcia
2016 “The boundary of intimacy: Determined stays in the personal space of others”, University of Murcia
2016 “Urban hacking methodologies 2.0”, WikiToki, Bilbao

2018 No Mires al Sol, Gómez Selva, published by No-Plata, Burgos, Spain
2016 Sativa, Gómez Selva, published by A-Editions , Spain, ISBN: 9781367474888
2015 Moisés, Gómez Selva, self-published, Spain

_Selected publications
2019 ERTIBIL BIZKAIA, catalogue by Bizkaia Provincial Council, ISBN: 978-8477526483
2018 “Coche de Plástico en un Palet”, Gómez Selva & Natalia Suárez, TABAKALERA, Donosti
2018 Contratiempo, CFC (Center of Contemporary Photography), Bilbao
2017 “White Western”, Gómez Selva & Guillermo Menéndez, Spain, ISBN: 9781389535055
2016 GetxoArte, catalogue by Getxo Kultura, Vizcaya, ISBN: 9788493972349
2016 Flamantes - Edition #3 (Artist´s book) by HAGO COSAS, Madrid
2016 Afán Afán - Edition #1 (Bookzine of Young Creators and Artists) by HAGO COSAS, Madrid
2016 “Questioning Pleasure”, Issue#2 by LAB448, Madrid
2015 XV Photography Prize, University of Murcia, catalogue, Murcia
2015 “Centenary Portraits. Photojournalism, 100 years of UM”, University of Murcia

2018 FotoPop Weekend, BIC Bizkaia Ezkerraldea, Barakaldo
2018 Personal VI, CFC (Center of Contemporary Photography), Bilbao

_Collective projects
2019 Collaborator at Hemen, Bilbao
2018 - 2019 Club Deseo curatorial project for emerging artists with Josefina Pantani, Bilbao